Hello, my name is Melisa Scheepers.

I am a proud member of SA Weddings, click on the logo to view my profile

 I love art, I am a very artistic person, I have done Décor and Flower arrangements for weddings for a number of years. It was however behind a camera that I found my true creative voice.

I fell in love with capturing a moment, through a Lens. I started to study photography at DPC (Digital Photo Courses) and I have completed my studies in one year.

I am a professional fulltime wedding and portrait photographer. Photography is what I do for a living. Based in Gauteng, although I will travel to (almost) anywhere in South-Africa or abroad to capture your wedding day.

I love photographing people and I am extremely passionate about my work.

I want you to feel relaxed and have the best time.  Your photos will be the only thing you'll have left, and I will make sure that your photographs are truly magical.

I do go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable in front of my camera.  When you look back at your wedding photographs, I want you to remember all the fun, the laughs, the tears, the joy, the love, the hugs, and the relationships you shared and really be able to relive the whole amazing/fun & beautiful experience of your wedding day.

Looking forward to be working with you.